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Our Cake Deliveries

Our cakes are made fresh everyday and delivered that night to our customers all over London. They can be individually wrapped if required.

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Traybakes are a timeless favorite, perfect for those seeking the nostalgic charm of home-baked treats. We offer them either as individual pieces or in whole sheets, giving you that authentic homemade appearance. These delights are especially delicious when served with custard, making them an ideal choice for comforting desserts or teatime indulgences.


Puff Pastry

Our puff pastry features fully laminated sheets of buttery dough, delivering a light and flaky texture. Perfect for crafting a variety of shapes, it can be used to create apple turnovers, jam puffs, and more. For an extended shelf life, consider using non-dairy fillings. One of our standout creations is the famous London Cheesecake—a delightful combination of flaky pastry, jam, sponge filling, and a topping of shredded coconut. Another classic is the Eccles cake, filled with a rich, spiced mincemeat.

Puff pastry


Our croissants are a delightful indulgence, starting with the classic buttery croissant that pairs perfectly with fillings like cheese and ham, or anything else you fancy. For a sweeter option, our chocolate croissants are generously drizzled with chocolate and lightly dusted with icing sugar. Our almond croissants feature a rich almond paste filling and a topping of sliced almonds. We also offer pain au chocolat, filled with luscious chocolate pieces throughout.



Our doughnuts are a delicious treat, freshly made to satisfy every sweet tooth. We offer a variety of flavors and styles, each crafted with care. Our classic doughnuts are perfectly light and airy, coated in a sweet, shiny glaze. For chocolate lovers, our chocolate doughnuts are rich and decadent, with a velvety chocolate glaze. Our filled doughnuts come bursting with flavors like creamy vanilla custard, tangy raspberry jam, and smooth chocolate cream.

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Full Product List

Cakes & Cookies

Cakes & Cookies

0469 Assorted Wrapped Cakes

0477 Coconut Ring

0478 Choc / Caramel Cake

0484 Jam And Cream Round

0487 Special King

0490 Coconut King

0491 Cappuccino Cream

0493 Tottenham Sponge

0494 1001 Sponge

0506 Devon Choc Split

0509 Tea Cakes

0510 Carrot Cake

0519 Cheese Cake

0520 Cream Slice

0521 Apple Slice

0522 Mince Slice

0523 Cherry Slice

0528 Bakewell Slice

0530 Pack Of 4 Tea Cakes

0534 Apple Muffin

0535 Chocolate Muffin

0536 Double Chocolate Muffin

0537 Cherry Muffin

0539 Blueberry Muffin

0550 Pack X2 Cherry Muffin

0551 Choc Vermicca

0554 Pack X2 Choc Chip Muffin

0555 Pack X2 Cheese Cake

0560 Rock Cakes

0563 Pack X2 Double Choc Muffin

0755 Mini Muffins

0773 Jam & Cream Round

0784 Raspberry Muffin

0786 Banana Walnut Muffin

0801 Chocolate King

0802 Nut King

0841 Belgium & Cream

0849 Choc Hundreds & Thousands

0861 15 Portion Carrot Cake

0871 Choc Sponge

0898 Viennese

0900 Small Viennese

0901 White Chocolate Cookies

0902 Chocolate Cookies

0903 Oatmeal Cookies

0904 Flap Jacks



0470 Sugar Jam Doughnuts

0471 Pink Ring Doughnuts

0472 Jam Doughnuts Flour

0473 Iced Ring Doughnuts

0474 Chocolate Ring Doughnuts

0475 Lemon Ring Doughnuts

0476 Thousand And One Ring Doughnut

0479 Sugar Ring Doughnuts

0480 Apple Doughnuts

0481 Custard Doughnuts

0482 Cherry Doughnuts

0485 Split Cream Doughnuts

0486 Chocolate Cream Doughnuts

0488 Choc King Doughnut

0489 Nut King Doughnuts

0492 Apple Cream Doughnuts

0518 Plain Ring Doughnuts

0568 Small Powder Ring Donuts

0750 Mini Glazed Doughnuts

0751 Mini Jam Doughnuts

50752 Mini Cherry Doughnuts

0753 Mini Custard Doughnuts

0754 Mini Apple Doughnut

0756 Mini Sugar Rings

0757 Mini Thousand One Ring

0758 Mini Chocolate Ring

0760 Jam Doughnuts Sugar

0761 Jam Doughnuts Flour

0762 Iced Ring Doughnuts

0763 Choc Ring Doughnuts

0764 Lemon Ring Doughnuts

0765 Coconut Ring Doughnuts

0766 Cappuccino Ring Doughnuts

0767 Cherry Doughnuts

0768 Apple Doughnuts

0769 Custard Doughnuts

0770 Thousand One Ring

0772 Pink Ring Doughnuts

0774 Split Cream Doughnuts

0775 Choc Cream Doughnuts

0777 Apple Cream Doughnuts

0778 Sugar Ring Doughnut

0779 Glazed Doughnuts

0842 1001 & Cream Doughnut

Croissants & Pastries

Croissants & Pastries

0525 Almond Croissant

0526 Pain Au Chocolate

0532 Mini Croissant

0533 Mini Danish

0540 Yum Yums

0541 Pineapple Danish

0542 Apple Danish

0543 Lemon Danish

0544 Custard Danish

0545 Cinnamon Danish

0546 Raspberry Danish

0547 Fruit Danish

0548 Apricot Danish

0549 Apple Strudel

0552 Croissant

0553 Choc Croissants

0557 Apple Cream Turnover

0559 Apple Turnovers

0743 Mini Croissants

0759 Mini Mixed Danish

0795 Cocktail Croissants

0821 Cherry Danish

0826 Almond Danish

0846 Plain Croissant

0847 Choc Croissant



0483 Bath Buns

0496 Large Fruit Bun

0497 Pack Of 4 Currant Buns

0498 Currant Buns

0499 Chelsea Buns

0505 Belgium Bun

0524 Hot X Buns X 6

0527 Hot X Buns

0531 Pack Of 4 Hot X Buns

0771 Kingsize Bathbuns

0906 Loose Hot X Buns

0899 Bun Cluster

0500 Swiss Finger White Ice

0501 Swiss Finger Choc Ice

0502 Swiss Finger Pink Ice

0503 Swiss Finger Thousand

0504 Swiss Finger With Cream

0840 Fruit Bun Loaf



0507 Cheese Scones

0508 Scones

0511 Plain Scones

0529 Pack X2 Scones

0564 W/meal Scones



0517 Bakewell Tarts

0538 Pack X2 Bakewell Tart

0810 Gypsy Tart

0905 Strawberry Tart



0890 Small Mince Pies

0891 Large 9inch Apple Pie

0892 Large 9inch Cherry Pies

0893 Large Apricot Pies

0561 Eccles



0895 Gateaux Black Forest

0896 Large Viennese

0897 Strawberry Trifle

0558 Bread Pudding

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