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Our Bread Deliveries

We bake all our bread late in the afternoon before delivering to our customers all over London that night so you get the freshest possible product. We have a vast range of items but are happy to adjust to your personal preferences. Contact us if you're looking for a fresh bread delivery supplier.

Our Breads Bread Deliveries

What would you like to order?

The Bermondsey Bloomer

The passion for our craft shines through in the humble bloomer loaf. From mixing the dough to shaping the bread, cooling and cutting it and then delivering to you is counted in hours, not days like the bigger bakeries. This means you, the customer, get a nice crusty loaf with a soft and fluffy crumb, cut to the thickness that suits you. Either standard, medium cut or our doorstep thick cut, which not only fits perfectly into your toaster, but makes the perfect sandwich.

Bermondsey bloomer

The Bakehouse Bloomer

Our quite impressive sourdough bloomer. This is a long fermented dough with a hydration rate of 75-80% to give you the crustiest of crusts and a fantastic crumb. These are baked directly onto the tiles of our brand new chandley ovens to really seal the flavour in. We can supply this uncut, medium or doorstep thick. We can also supply with a range of toppings to suit you Sundried Tomato, Olive, Mixed Herbs. Please speak to a Gary to discuss your requirements.

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Ciabatta & Focaccia

Our Ciabatta Panini can either be soft or the more traditional harder variety but both kinds have the distinctive holey crumb inside. These can be made any size to suit your requirements. Chat with Gary.

Focaccia can either be round or larger square shapes. These can be topped with the filling of your choice. We are a small bakery so very flexible.


Fancy Bread

We bake a wonderful Rye bread either Tin or Bloomer shape, with or without caraway seeds. Cut whichever way you prefer.

Brioche Bread, this is made with butter and eggs to give a distinctive taste and can be tin bread or a wide range and size of bap. From mini canapé size 35gm to bap size 70gm 0r 85gm.

Brioche loaf

Crusty Rolls

At Davies Bakeries we don't just do a crusty roll, we supply 3 sizes of crusty roll and all of them are baked just hours before they are delivered to you.

Standard roll 70gm

Big crusty roll 105gm

XL Roll a wapping 140gm which will take any filling you can chuck at it.

These can either be soft bake if that is your fancy or can be topped with poppy seed, sesame seed or lightly floured.

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Baps & Torpedoes

We supply a large range of baps and torps to meet your requirements. either crusty or soft plain or with toppings. You can have them exactly as you want them.


Full Product List

White Bread

White Bread

4 Large White Tin

6 White Tin Medium Cut

3 White Tin Thick Cut

15 Large Farmhouse

26 Large Bloomer

30 Bloomer Medium Cut

34 Bloomer Doorstep Thick Cut

40 Small White Bloomer

We are happy to bake to your requirements.

Supplying cafes, sandwich bars and other eateries.

White bread

Premium Bread

Premium Bread

52 Tomato Bloomer or Tin

53 Walnut Bloomer or Tin

54 Onion Bloomer or Tin

58 Olive Bloomer or Tin

62 Irish Soda Bread

94 Rye Tin

1077 Sourdough Bloomer Medium Cut

1078 Sourdough Bloomer Thick Cut

Brioche Buger Baps - All Sizes Available

We bake a full range of sourdough breads daily.

Delivered to you in our electric vehicles.

Seeded Sourdough
Wholemeal Sourdough

Please tell us your requirements!

Granary bread

Rolls, Baps and Torpedoes

Rolls, Baps and Torpedoes

131 Big Crust Rolls

132 Big Soft Rolls

140 Crusty Rolls

141 Soft Roll

142 Crusty Po Ppy Seed Rolls

143 Soft Poppy Seed Rolls

146 Flour Top Soft Rolls

156 Plain Finger Rolls

166 Hot Dog Rolls Various Lengths

176 Crusty Poppy Knots

181 Small Floury Baps

218 Fancy Diner Rolls

224 Bridge Rolls

236 Soft Torpedoes

254 Large White Baps

257 Large Flory Baps

267 Crusty Torpedoes

281 Soft Sticks

283 Crusty Sticks

We Are Happy To Bake To Your Requirements.

Delivered Daily To Your Business.

Italian Breads

Italian Breads

104 Half Sheet Focaccia

108 Ciabatta Baps Floured

109 Olive Focaccia

110 Olive &Amp; Herb Focaccia

111 Tomato Focaccia

112 Large Ciabatta

114 Small Ciabatta

115 Herb Focaccia

117 Small Ciabatta With Olives

118 Square Ciabatta Baps

We Are Happy To Bake To Your Requirements.

Wholesale Enquiries Welcomed.

White bread



307 Wholemeal Pointers

318 Wholemeal Tin

327 Wholemeal Bloomer

349 Small Wholemeal Sticks

352 Crusty Wholemeal Torps

357 Large Wholemeal Baps

360 Small Wholemeal Baps

363 Wholemeal Rolls

We Are Happy To Bake To Your Requirements.

Ask About Our Wholesale Delivery Service.

Wholemeal bread



407 Granary Box Tin

408 Granary Box Tin Medium Cut

409 Granary Box Tin Thick Cut

413 Granary Bloomer

414 Granary Bloomer Medium Cut

415 Granary Bloomer Thick Cut

440 Large Granary Bap

441 Granary Torpedo Seven Seeds

442 Granary Torpedo

2016 Small Granary Baps

2021 Seven Seeded Baguette

We Are Happy To Bake To Your Requirements.

Wholesale Deliveries Welcomed.

Wholemeal bread



911 Cheese and Onion Specials

918 Cheese and Bacon Specials

921 Cheese and Spinach Specials

925 Sundried Tomato and Feta Cheese Specials

919 Steak Slice

920 Jumbo Sausage Rolls

922 Beef and Vegetable Pasty

923 Steak and Kidney

926 Minced Beef and Onion Pie

927 Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Baked Daily and Delivered When You Need Them.

Sausage roll
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